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Euro Car Vehicle Guide

Fiat panda1200451 large suitcaseYesUnleaded
Lancia Ypsilon1200451 large suitcase, 1 smallUnleaded
Hyundai i20 brand new model1240452 large suitcasesYesUnleaded
Fiat Punto Grande1300451 large suitcase, 1 smallUnleaded
Hyundai Accent1400452 large suitcasesYesUnleaded
Fiat Panda1200451 large suitcaseYesUnleaded
Hyundai automatic i20 brand new model1300452 large suitcasesYesUnleaded
Hyundai Getz1300451 large suitcase, 1 smallYesUnleaded
Fiat Panda 4X41300441 large suitcaseYesUnleaded
Suzuki Samurai1300241 small suitcaseNoUnleaded
Suzuki Jimny1300241 small suitcaseYesUnleaded
Daihatsu Terios New Model1300 - 1500443-4 large suitcasesYesUnleaded
Suzuki Vitara Wagon1600453-4 large suitcasesYesUnleaded
Audi TT Convertible1800222 large 1 small suitcaseYesUnleaded
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Reservations & Rental Locations

A valid credit card or depositing funds in a Bank Account provided is required for reservations.

Delivery service is available in Gavrio as well as other locations in Andros on per request basis.

Delivery is also available at the Athens International Airport upon request, given that the car will be rented for at least 10 days. An additional charge may apply. Please verify at the time of reservation.

Ισχύουσα πιστωτική κάρτα ή κατάθεση σέ λογαριασμό τραπέζης είναι απαραίτητο γιά κρατήσεις.

Παράδοση οχήματος είναι δυνατή στό Γαύριο αλλά καί σέ άλλες περιοχές τής Άνδρου. Επίσης είναι δυνατή καί στό αεροδρόμιο Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος, μέ τήν προϋπόθεση ότι τό όχημα θά ενοικιασθή γιά τουλάχιστον 10 ημέρες.

Πρόσθετη επιβάρυνση δυνατόν νά προκύψει.

Euro Car Andros
Gavrio Port, Andros, Greece


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